ATHENA workshop at RSCy 2018


ATHENA workshop at RSCy 2018

ATHENA workshop at RSCy 2018 (29/3/2018)

ATHENA Workshop on Geo information systems (GIS) – [open for public]

In this workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of GIS. What is GIS? What is it used for? What are the main parts of a GIS? Which software can be used to set up a GIS? Furthermore, you will get an insight into examples of web-based GIS that show-case how GIS can be used to disseminate data and information to a wide user group. Here, you will also learn about Open Geospatial Consortium and their standards such as Web Mapping Service (WMS) and Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) to make GIS work in a distributed world.

Hands-On Workshop on working with GIS [closed for 15 – 20 people]

In this hands-on workshop you will directly start to work with QGIS ( ). After a general introduction to QGis and its plugin mechanism, we will practically work with what we have learned in the workshop on GIS.

QGIS 2.18 (Las Palmas) (LTR)

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