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March 2018

Human History and digital future

Human History and Digital Future

Gunter Schreier from DLR on 20th of March 2018 as an invited speaker presented Athena Twinning and Excelsior Teaming projects in which earth observation is use to support cultural heritage management in the East Med and Cyprus regions. ATHENA - Old town Munich tour(historical, cultural heritage monuments) with DLR


ATHENA workshop at RSCy 2018

ATHENA workshop at RSCy 2018 (29/3/2018) ATHENA Workshop on Geo information systems (GIS) - [open for public] In this workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of GIS. What is GIS? What is it used for? What are the main parts of a GIS? Which software can be used to set up a GIS? Furthermore, you will get an insight into examples of web-based GIS that show-case how GIS can be used to disseminate data and information to a wide user group. Here,...

athena2020 Meeting with Dr Philimis from CYRIC

Meeting with Dr Philimis from CYRIC

On the 5th of March of 2018, Dr Christiana Papoutsa & Prof. Hadjimitsis had the opportunity to meet with Dr Philimis (CYRIC) regarding the 'ATHENA Project' and the importance of using space technology for monitoring and management ofcultural heritage sites . Dr Philimis is also the President of the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises.